Mining Process Engineer

Boston, MA

Allonnia’s purpose is the pursuit of imaginative solutions to solve the world’s toughest waste challenges through biology.  Allonnia is leveraging the power of  biotechnology and engineered systems to degrade or sequester pollutants and upcycle waste. Our ethos at Allonnia is to work in harmony with nature, combining biology and technology to fast forward time and bring Nature’s future solutions to the present day. Through this collaboration we will unlock the potential in waste and enable a world where nothing is wasted. Allonnia is backed by Battelle, Ginkgo Bioworks, Viking Global, General Atlantic, EVOK and Cascade Investments.

The mission of the Mining Process Engineer is to help drive new technology development in our sustainable mining technologies.  This hands-on engineer will work in collaboration with the technical team to further develop and refine deployment strategies for our mining platforms, including Bio-solubilization, Bio-cementation, and Bio-Extraction. These platforms all leverage microbial approaches to create additional value and/or decrease environmental impact. An immediate focus will be to achieve selective gangue removal from mining materials to pave the way to more sustainable mining practices.  The overall scope of the role will be to develop process flow sheets related to our key technologies, and aid in the design and execution of experiments for evaluating our microbial technologies' potential for a wide range of mining applications.    

Key Criteria/Requirements 

  • Master’s degree in engineering is preferred, with a focus in chemical, or environmental engineering.  Ph.D. is a plus.
  • Minimum 5 years of engineering technical experience with increasing scope and responsibilities, including product design, testing/analysis, engineering documentation, and innovative technology development.
  • Experience in mineral processing applications, such as agitated leach, flotation, or solvent extraction is strongly preferred.  
  • Experience in water treatment applications, such as ion exchange, reverse osmosis or flocculation, is a plus.  
  • Experience with design and evaluation of chemical processing systems is a plus
  • Familiarity with engineering design software (e.g. AutoCAD)
  • Demonstrated ability to work innovatively and collaboratively across departments to develop new technology.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to develop process improvements and creatively apply known approaches in new ways
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment. Must be capable of supporting multiple projects that are deadline-oriented, handle interruptions, and be flexible with changing tasks
  • Passionate about the startup environment, and able to work from ground zero to help develop the team
  • Prefer position to be based in Boston office/lab space with potential for travel to test locations; if not based in Boston, at least one week per month in Boston will be expected 
  • Anticipated start date July 1, 2024.

Measurable Accountabilities 

• Assist with the design of material-specific deployment approaches compatible with customer processes for solutions developed through our mining platforms

• Continual identification and documentation of opportunities to improve envisioned deployment processes

• Design laboratory experiments to further the process engineering design of our key technologies, tasks could include evaluating mass and water balances throughout the design process

• Research and investigate process methods from other application for their use with our technology

• Develop process flow sheets based on experimental data and identify key conditions to be further evaluated  

• Compile and assist with the interpretation of project data

• Contribute to project reports for customers and partners

• Assists with preliminary techno-economic assessment (TEA) for envisioned applications and development of feasibility studies of proposed products

• Supports and projects the core values and mission of Allonnia both internally and externally.

• Maintains up-to-date knowledge of technical development and trends in the field of expertise

Allonnia Core Values

  • Purposeful: Committing to work on the right things as individuals and as a company, making a difference every day
  • Entrepreneurial: Working with passion and curiosity to learn every day, creatively delivering results to the world
  • Transparent: Fostering a high trust environment that embraces constructive debate, achieving success together

Key Competencies 

  • Analytical Skills
  • Strategic Skills
  • Conceptual Ability
  • Pragmatic/Resourceful
  • Results-Orientated 
  • Adaptability 
  • Change Leadership

JOB CODE: 1000063